About us

PTFE has special properties. The same as us.

As we stood on the starting line in 1995, the plastic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) had been discovered a long time ago. However, Alptec was able to establish themselves as a production specialist for products made from PTFE and PTFE / compound within a short period. Decisive for our customers (international) is not only delivery deadlines and costs per item, but also application knowledge and precision.

We bring the valuable properties of PTFE effectively to all of those points that are indispensable for your products and solutions: Being in the automobile industry, in mechanical engineering or in other high-tech sectors. Alptec takes over the manufacturing of semi-finished products or the production of finished parts according to drawings for you. Thanks to high-performance and reliable production systems, we fulfil the highest quality criterion, even at tight deadlines and cost specifications.

As opposed to PTFE, we are anything else but slow acting.

Alptec GmbH · Technische Kunststoffe · Am Holzfeld 1 · D-83254 Breitbrunn