Only quality is durable

We know which contribution out PTFE parts provide for the overall solution, even if it is a small one. Our perspective goes far beyond the intended purpose: Then, it is a matter of course to combine the high quality demands of our customers with the current environmental directives.

The following principles are deeply anchored in our company:

  • Our objective is the enthusiastic customer. We offer products and services at the highest possible quality and ensure for error prevention and the highest degree of availability.
  • Every single employee is personally obliged to our quality measures and environmental guidelines: we conserve valuable resources, deal with energy in a responsible manner and reduce emissions and the waste of our production to a minimum (received certifications can be viewed under “Downloads”).
  • Legal and other official requirements usually only meet out minimum criterion. This is why we orientate ourselves on the internationally recognized environmental standards.

Alptec GmbH has already been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV SÜD in 2017.

   ISO Certification  


All of our suppliers are selected according to these criterion and checked on a regular basis.

Alptec GmbH · Technische Kunststoffe · Am Holzfeld 1 · D-83254 Breitbrunn
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