Details accor­ding to §5, §6 of the Ger­man Tele­me­dia Act (TMG):

Alptec GmbH
Tech­ni­sche Kunststoffe
Am Holz­feld 1
83254 Breitbrunn

Phone +49 8054 9069–0
Fax +49 8054 9069–25


Aut­ho­ri­sed to representative:
Mr. Tho­mas Sprin­ger, Mana­ging partner

Trade regis­try: Local court Traun­stein HRB 9863
VAT ID no.: DE 811 947 443

Respon­si­ble for the con­tent: Tho­mas Springer

Alptec GmbH is insu­red by the employer’s lia­bi­lity insu­rance of the Alli­anz Ver­si­che­rungs-AG, 10900 Ber­lin. This is valid in Ger­many and the sta­tes of the EU.